Efficient Bayesian-based multiview deconvolution

Research Area: A.2-Light Microscopy Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: light-sheet, microscopy, GPU, deconvolution, big data, lucy-richardson
Publication: Nature Methods
  • Stephan Preibisch
  • Fernando Amat
  • Evangelia Stamataki
  • Mihail Sarov
  • Robert H. Singer
  • Eugene W. Myers
  • Pavel Tomancak
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy is able to image large specimen with high resolution by imaging the samples from multiple angles. Multi-view deconvolution can significantly improve the resolution and contrast of the images, but its application has been limited due to the large size of the datasets. Here we present a derivation of multi-view Bayesian deconvolution that drastically improves the convergence time and provide a GPU implementation that optimizes runtime performance.