Automated Reconstruction of Neuronal Morphology Based on Local Geometrical and Global Structural Models

Research Area: A.2-Light Microscopy Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: diadem, neuron tracing, Tube models, Tree structure reconstruction, 3D microscopy
Publication: Neuroinformatics
  • Ting Zhao
  • Jun Xie
  • Fernando Amat
  • Nathan Clack
  • Parvez Ahammad
  • Hanchuan Peng
  • Fuhui Long
  • Eugene Myers
Digital reconstruction of neurons from microscope images is an important and challenging problem in neuroscience. In this paper, we propose a model-based method to tackle this problem. We first formulate a model structure, then develop an algorithm for computing it by carefully taking into account morphological characteristics of neurons, as well as the image properties under typical imaging protocols. The method has been tested on the data sets used in the DIADEM competition and produced promising results for four out of the five data sets.